Rural Artists Residency

Catalunya, Spain


Since 2016 we are curating Swiss and other International Artist in our two Spanish Residencies, that commute urban and rural experiences.

Is an ‘off the grid’ retreat for writers, painters, musicians and makers, up in a catalan mountain, one hour drive from Barcelona. We are people who care for humanity nd it’s sustainability, for the waters the birds the insects and all the living organisms that form nature. We are from catalunya, switzerland, canada and the world.

We believe the external world to be a reflection of our inner worlds. We want to share this exclusive place where luxury is in the singing of birds, in the quietness at dawn and in the time dedicated to oneself. At can gesa we offer a modern house for 2 to 4 people. The house can be rented per weeks – min. stay 3 days, max. 3 weeks.